Monday, October 6, 2008

Watercolor Weekend

This weekend we had Conference. For those people who are not familiar with Mormon-lingo, Conference is a twice-yearly meeting which is broadcast worldwide. When I was little, it meant getting dressed up and going to the church and sitting on hard folding chairs for two hours straight while listening to boring grown-ups talk about things WAAYY above my head. As I grew older, it was on cable and now my family and I watch it on the Internet (hooked up to the TV). I enjoy it more now, and not just because I get to sit on the couch and do crafts while I listen, but because I understand more of the concepts spoken about. It's a twice a year spiritual recharging and I love it.

Even though we had the kids and I cooked five full meals, I still found myself with *gasp* TIME!!! It had rained on Saturday and on Sunday, the sky was still full of puffy white clouds. It made for glorious light out on the patio. All gold and orange. I, with my watercolors, sat out at the patio table with Mackenzie, who played with Play-Doh while I worked on different pieces. I'm not as impatient as I was in my early years of painting. Now I'm able to work on a piece and let it sit and dry and then go back to it to add another layer or two. And then let that dry and go back to add more layers. And it goes on. It helps that I work on four or five paintings at a time. The above piece is one that I tried putting colored pencils on. I'm not sure about it.

And then I experimented with a different layout. Hmm...

Can you tell from the skyscapes that we actually had WEATHER here in Bakersfield? I love rain. I love weather. We don't have open skies, at least where I live, but I like to paint hugeness.


  1. oh, I love your paintings! I want one! ^__^

    Good job. I am crap at painting, but you make me want to try again.

  2. very pretty. the one with the colored pencils too looks like it is raining and the colored pencils help to add to that feel and that texture of rain. nice.


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