Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Sometimes when I do my blog, I am so self-conscious that I have trouble forming my words. It's like I know I'm speaking to an audience and I wish I could speak like I'm talking to myself.

Or maybe I'm self-conscious because I'm speaking to myself and that is how I understand. Or maybe I'm crazy. That is possible.

Last night Brian helped me bring in my Readers Digests that I've had outside for a week or so. They are piled up and are a reminder of all the wonderful things I could be doing if I wasn't doing whatever it is that I have to do. I also have boxes of neat looking books that I want to make purses out of. Ugh. No time!

In my spare moments at work, I pull out my yellow paper that I've been keeping my ideas for my book origami how-to book. I wonder if I can make a PDF that I can sell on my etsy site. I read about this woman on etsy who crocheted pomegranates out of wire and no one bought them because they were so expensive. Then she made up a pattern and sold it. They were willing to pay 1/9th of the cost of the actual item to be able to make their own copy. I have been batting around the idea of a book for a while now. I even looked up Lark Publishing (imprint of Sterling who does all the craft books I like) and saw their rules for submission. I could do that. But how to make the time? AARGH!

You might be asking yourself, why doesn't she do this now instead of blogging? I'm at work! I only have time at work! And even then, I'm probably stealing from work because I should be weeding or planning my next program or rearranging some horribly full area. Ugh.

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  1. Forget selling patterns on etsy (though they would sell), go for publication! Do it do it! Have you looked at your 746s in a while? Very few good papercraft books. I endorse your endeavor, so now it must be done.

    I blog to myself, which is why there is dirty laundry flapping around and scaring off followers, but my purpose is to document my life for when I go senile, a la Notebook (only without Nicholas Sparks anywhere near it). I think followers like tutorials. And I like your tutorials! But you can't do tutorials if you're compiling a book - but a book will also get you followers! Do the book!

    Good grief I can't seem to shut up today.

    But I loves your posts!


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