Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Walking the Walk

A few posts back, I talked about the woe I felt over not being able to have another baby. Instead of just clucking her tongue, a friend of mine, Holly, did this...

All the way from Hawaii, a package was delivered to my doorstep. I opened it to see this.

Then I unzipped it... ooo... suspense...

Ta da!

Kid, that little thing spells your doom. Doom, I say! Bring on the baby sister!

BTW, Holly will be selling these pouches in her etsy shop as soon as she gets a move on and OPENS IT! (Not that I'm being anything but lovingly encouraging, eh?)

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  1. I feel like an idiot, but what is it? I know the box is a pregnancy test, but what did she make it into?


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