Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween with the Eddys

Since I now work every Saturday until I die, Halloween was spent at the library for me. Brian was sweet enough to bring the kids over to see me in my getup (and visit my new digs - more on that later). Here my smile is sweet, soft, serene...

Now here is me at the end of the day - we're at a church party. The kids are high on candy and Brian and I are so tired we're barely holding it together. Look at that manic smile on my face!

And look what happens when the husband leaves out a bowl of candy (ill-gotten gains stolen from the kids) on the couch before going to work. And mommy doesn't get out of bed to see *why* the kid is sooooooo quiet...


  1. footie pajamas, squeee! Little boys in footie pajamas need to be eaten. I should have nibbled him more when he was a hapless infant, he looks like he could bite back now.

    You all look magnificent. I think you should only wear dresses like that, it's perfect.

  2. I often wonder what it would be like to dress the way I want to every day - like out of a Doris Day movie! Would people give me wide clearance or would they admire my spunk?


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