Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update on Goals

Okay, now it's the 16th. I have been doing relatively well with most of my goals. I modified the soda goal to be only for home - not for when I'm out to eat. For heavens sake! There is NO OTHER CHOICE. Perhaps this is an opportunity for creating a grassroots movement to get diet, caffeine-free soda into fast food establishments. Somehow it doesn't seem important though. Duh.

About the chocolate, it's been good until the past couple of days. I can't stop thinking about chocolate. Hormonal? Maybe it's just late withdrawals...

And my book: am still plugging away at it. I finished a folded book with the title of my tutorial on it. The picture above is a sneak peek... I'm not as natural at writing as I wish I were. Brian has been helping me a lot because he writes like a champ...


  1. I just found your work on Etsy, and I just thought I'd tell you that it's amazing and innovative. ;> Totally following so I can learn more about this.

  2. I am so looking forward to your book. Good luck with reaching all your goals (even though I couldn't imagine giving up my Diet Pepsi!)


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