Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pretty vs. Practical: The Overload of Kitch in Crafts

I love craft blogs, but I am starting to wonder about them. Have you ever noticed how stupid most of the stuff people make is? (please note the TERRIFIC grammar there folks!) I mean, who honestly needs most of this stuff?

I'm trying to simplify my life and while cute stuff is ... uh, cute, do I really want to have eight bazillion little things in my home?

Obviously, the answer is no. Does it hurt my head/spirit to look at kitch, too?

Just wondering.

I'm adding this later:

And also stuff that is badly made (pattern-wise, construction-wise, inappropriate material-wise) and yet people spend a long time EMBELLISHING it.

I hate the word 'embellish'. 


  1. What I don't get: bunting. And flags in your cupcakes. Jam a kit kat in my cupcake if you have to have something sticking out of it, why spend hours printing and stapling things to toothpicks?

    so, yeah. Harumph.

  2. This deserves a like button. I totally agree. Blogs that only show you new beautiful things to buy also exhaust me.

  3. Another thing I should have added is stuff that takes a million hours to make... that doesn't matter. Yeah, like the cupcake picks!

    I just looked at someone's tutorial for felt slippers. It was just three pieces - regular felt (no non-slip stuff on the bottom), traced around her foot and sewn together. Then she spent a LOT of work embellishing them - free form sewing on flower petals and hand-sewing beads on the flower centers.

    WHATTTTTTT??? They won't stay on her feet. The felt is slippery. They will fall apart in a few days. She spent HOW much time on these things?

  4. 100% in agreement. That is why I am patiently waiting for you to finally figure out how to show us how you do the beautiful work you do (I am most interested in how you do the alpahbet). I love all things paper, but you take it to the next level.

  5. I wonder if they embellish to cover up the mistakes? Great points.

  6. em·bel·lish/emĖˆbeliSH/Verb
    1. Make (something) more attractive by the addition of decorative details or features: "blue silk embellished with golden embroidery".
    See, that is why they do it . . . to make it prettier. :) I like to think that what I do stands by itself. Only things that need embellishing are Christmas trees and birthday cakes.

  7. Wow, couldn't have said it better myself! (Well, aside from the first sentence anyway ;)). I sometimes have to stop myself mid-craft and ask, is this just the grown-up, very expensive equivalent of my kids' "artwork" (that they churn out like a factory)?
    Wait... you're not talking about me are you??????? (Frantically looking around for embellished felt slippers)


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