Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Can't Get No Satisfaction

This past week I have been trying to make two new types of Christmas crafts - one for my family's Christmas presents (no link in case they are reading) and one a new type of paper ornament. The booger about it all is that I couldn't find all the supplies for the gifts that the tutorial suggested, so I tried substituting. Normally, I am extremely resourceful and can make most things look good. Not so here. My gifts looked horrible from the first step. Ugh. Three nights I worked on different (substitutive) versions. Three nights of going to bed feeling like I had accomplished nothing of value.

Then the prototype paper ornament I made at work with computer paper worked beautifully! I went home to try it with colored paper. Cardstock cracked. Okay. I bought scrapbook paper from WalMart for a good price. It still is heavier than computer paper, so it doesn't quite look right either. Ugh. More going to bed dissatisfied.

Yesterday, I went to the Dollar Tree and found a perfect way to make my family gifts - no substitutions required. And, actually, my version will be prettier than the original tutorial. Yay me!

Now to figure out how to make those paper ornaments out of something prettier than computer printer paper. Wish me luck.


  1. Wanna see - wanna see! (now that Christmas is over) Hope it was a merry one!

  2. They certainly deserve a big WOW. Was there a tutorial you followed? Hopefully you will share the family gifts after they are received.


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