Monday, January 31, 2011

In the Works

Okay, I finally went through everyone's suggested edits and am fixing the tutorial. I'm hoping that I can finish it by tonight and post/list it in my shop by tomorrow. I will have finished a HUGE thing for my 101 goals...

And Brian built me a shelf that goes around the entire room in my workspace. It's 3 inches deep and I'm putting all my little things up there so I can look at them all the time.

Twice a year we have a meeting at church that's comprised of several wards in the area. A ward is like a congregation. Several wards make up a stake. This past weekend was our Stake conference. I dragged Brian to the Saturday evening adult session. My hormones are really wreaking havoc with me right now because I was angry for no good reason. The microphone was doing a little feedback whine that I was ready to knock people's heads off because it bothered me so much. I finally got my booger-headed self out to the lobby where I could still listen but not hear the feedback.

The first speaker was one of the Stake presidency, and I have to admit that I've never been impressed by his talks. I guess it's just his mannerisms or because I was a Hormonal Freak, but I rolled my eyes when he was introduced. (Yes, I am a Bad Mormon. No, I'm an Irritable Mormon. Just as bad.)

Anyway, his talk blew me away. It was about the Holy Ghost and how it testifies to us of truth. People often give laundry lists of do's and don't's for others when they give talks. The Holy Ghost will NOT testify of these laundry lists because they are applications of principles, NOT THE PRINCIPLES themselves. Huh? you may say?

The Holy Ghost testifies of Truth. It testifies of doctrine and principles. Laundry lists of do's and don't's are applications of principles. They may or may not work for a person. As someone with severe OCD, or Should-Do-itis, I thought those laundry lists were important to follow to the letter. Now I see that the suggested lists are ways that I MIGHT be able to apply the principle, but, if not, it's okay. Pharisees turned the principles of the Law of Moses into a humongous laundry lists of do's and don't's that were so far away from Truth that the people couldn't see the principle for the application.

Perhaps this isn't the eye-opening lightning bolt of truth for you as it was for me, but I want to follow the Gospel because I truly believe that following God's commandments will make me happy for the long run. You know, Eternity.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rain in the Head

Apparently, my son has learned to draw. When did this happen? He can also write his name and mine (Mom). Who taught him? I guess my sis-in-law is amazing and I'm so grateful to her...

This is a picture of Kiff outside with rain falling on his head. I love the smiley face.

I feel like that this week. I even came home early from work today because I haven't been able to sleep through the night for more than a week now. Brian offered to postpone our plans for going out of town this weekend for church and I was so grateful to him for bringing it up. He may not be able to pick up his socks or notice a kid screaming, but he was able to do this. Yay him.

The reports are coming back in from the friends about the tutorial. I have a few typos to fix and some steps in the patterns which are unclear that I need to sharpen. I know I could do it quickly, if only I wasn't so muzzy-headed. It's the weirdest feeling. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mary Engelbreit's Folded Book Tutorial

While looking through my files this afternoon, I found this torn-out sheet from the original Mary Engelbreit Home Companion magazine that taught me to make folded books.


p.s. I didn't use any of these folds in my own tutorial except the first one which I call a gutter fold. :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

I've finished my book folding tutorial (26 pages of folded paper goodness). The experience reminded me of when I was eight years old and learning cursive writing. I had to practice for homework and it was so hard for me to do that I cried and cried to my mom. She was good about it and just told me to keep going. Nowadays, my husband is the one who says Keep Going.

And I did. And now I will be able to sleep again...

The tutorial is being looked over by a group of friends and family to check for obvious errors and stupid mistakes. It should be ready to list in my Etsy shop next week!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sneak Preview

This is going to be one of the patterns in my tutorial. It's called Smocking. The fully done sculpture can be seen here.

When I come home at night, I have three things that I *have* to do: exercise, have scripture study with Kiff and have scripture study with Brian. Oh, and eat dinner. FOUR things! (Dinner is sometimes pretty simple, so it hardly seems worthy of mention.) Last night I was helping Kiff learn the third verse to "Praise to the Man"  (the link will take you to the church's interactive music player - it's a BEEYOOTIFUL song!!!) and he keeps re-interpreting the lyrics to his own words. For instance, "revere" to him is re-beer. No matter HOW many times I sound it out for him, he insists "beer is good!" What? And don't even get me started on the word "dispensation." He makes up new words each time, but always with the correct number of syllables. Tres funny!

After I finish those evening duties, I have time to work on the tutorial. Last night I was just too tired. Also, I am trying to explain one part that is difficult for me to put into words. (You know, that makes it sound like I'm trying to talk to a lover... weird) Brian is an excellent writer, but I struggle. I can *show* people what to do, but using words for the same thing? Not so great.

I was explaining my worry to Brian and he said the kindest thing to me: "Heather, right now you are probably the foremost authority in the world when it comes to folding books into patterns. You can do it."

Remind me of that the next time he does something that drives me crazy, okay?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Heather's 101 Goals in 1001 Days

It was raining and sunshiny all at once the other day!

I have decided to jump on the 101 Goals in 1001 Days bandwagon. (Do they even *have* bandwagons anymore? Perhaps I should say something more current: Jumped on the Like Button for this.)

Start date: January 7, 2011
End date: October 8, 2013

  1. Give up low-class humor at work
  2. Personal cookbook (6/12)
  3. Do a session in the Sacramento Temple
  4. Have a weekend with Brian in Morro Bay 4/12
  5. Make soap (dismal failure)
  6. Read lesson for next Sunday School (40x)
  7. Save $1000
  8. Sell badges
  9. Buy a Silhouette cutter
  10. Learn Spanish (Learn in your Car)
  11. Watch all 22 Shakespeare (BBC) DVDs from library (Macbeth, All’s Well, Comedy of Errors, Merchant, Twelfth, Merry Wives, Antony & Cleo,
  12. Work out on Wii 20+ min/day 6 days in a row 50x
  13. Call Ethan every month
  14. Listen to all Jeffrey Holland speeches
  15. Make a word quilt
  16. Attend a Fascinating Womanhood class (Carol Tuttle Marriage CD)
  17. Put family recipes on blog (2011)
  18. Remember family birthdays and send cards
  19. Clear out cookbooks (2011)
  20. Do a session in the Redlands Temple
  21. Do five alone activities with Alex
  22. Make mozzarella cheese (2011)
  23. Pay off student loan before 4/13 1/12
  24. Read 3 church books pertaining to SS study
  25. Read 5 Heinlein books
  26. Sell barrettes in shop
  27. Wear size 16 pants again 
  28. Create family silhouettes
  29. Give up doing personal things on work time
  30. Learn Excel
  31. Lose 5 lbs (235)
  32. Can fruits (jams)
  33. Do a session in the San Diego Temple (4/11)
  34. Do five alone activities with Mackenzie (pedicures, shopping, )
  35. Do something creative every day for a week (10)
  36. Organize garage
  37. Pay off Ken (1/11)
  38. Read 1 Agatha Christie book
  39. Sell paper flowers
  40. Paint family watercolor portraits
  41. Give up disliking ****
  42. Lose 10 lbs (230)
  43. Learn to make pickles (9/11)
  44. Date night with husband once a month (12x)
  45. Visit an Eddy twice/month (x20)
  46. Pay off Beth
  47. Read 5 Dickens books
  48. Sell book purses
  49. Take the kids to an aquarium
  50. Use or lose stained glass (2011)
  51. Give up eating fast food by myself as a rule
  52. Lose 15 lbs (225)
  53. Re-floor 3 rooms in house
  54. Write 5 personal letters and mail them (2012)
  55. Can meats (use pressure canner)
  56. Pay off Visa
  57. Prepare lesson week in advance (25x)
  58. Read 70 children’s classics
  59. Sell book purse tutorial
  60. Take the kids to Pismo Beach  6/11 (Cayucas – close enough)
  61. Teach Alex five dishes (grilled cheese, bbq wraps, pizza, spaghetti, bread dough)
  62. I will stop trying to save people w/o their perm.
  63. Lose 20 lbs (220)
  64. Make 5 journals
  65. Read 1 Beatrix Potter biography
  66. Teach Mack five dishes (mac&cheese, cookies, bread, spaghetti, fudge)
  67. Contact VT-ees by 5th of each month (12x)
  68. Crochet a sweater vest
  69. Pay off credit card each month if used (12x)
  70. Read 20 SF classics
  71. Sell book folding tutorial  2/11
  72. Take the kids to SF or Half Moon Bay
  73. Get hair done professionally (9/11)
  74. Read 1 CS Lewis biography
  75. Replace paper in leather journal (Dec. 2012)
  76. Teach Kiff to tie his shoes
  77. 100% VT (30x)
  78. Get business license and pay taxes
  79. Go to Chinatown in LA with Brian
  80. How to change a tire
  81. Read 5 Ray Bradbury books
  82. Sell RAV4
  83. Get pedicure (4/ 2012)
  84. Make a quiet book for Kiff
  85. Read 1 prophet biography
  86. Read to Kiff 3x/week (20x)
  87. Go to Magic Mountain with Brian
  88. Try Thai food/restaurant
  89. Call Meagan every month
  90. Family book for relatives' kids
  91. Go camping
  92. Read 1 US president biography
  93. Get manicure 4/12
  94. Try Indian food/restaurant
  95. Bake 50 types cookies
  96. Bake 50 types of bread
  97. Paint toenails once a week (15x)
  98. Buy/install drapes in living room
  99. New door in kitchen
  100. Curtains in Kiff's room
  101. Make bedskirt (2011)

     I'm really excited to get started on these goals. I asked Brian if he was interested in seeing my goals, but the look on his face was "ohmygoshwhatisthiswomanaskingme", so I'm not sure if I will bug him too much about it.
      Oh, I started this past week with the Wii and I've done five days so far. Today will be six. Yee ha!
        And the tutorial is moving right along. I'm up to page 12 now and I've drawn the templates for the patterns. Next I have to take a bunch of pictures of in-progress shots and write up the steps for the different patterns. 
        update: I'm done with all of the pictures... I think ... now it just time to write, write, WRITE!