Monday, March 14, 2011

What I've Been Doing

Again the time has FLOWN! I've been working on sooooo many things that I didn't realize I hadn't blogged. It wasn't until I received an email from one of my blog friends asking me if everything was okay that I kinda looked up and realized, oh it's been a long time since I poked my head into blogland...

But I have been doing good things. I've been working on my 101 goals. I've made seven different types of bread (orange loaf, banana chocolate-chip Nutella swirl, carrot-horseradish, lemon poppyseed, chocolate-vanilla, chocolate to die for and another chocolate one that doesn't have a memorable name) in my bread machine, been working on my personal cookbook (putting all of my recipes on 4x6 cards into a photo file box), decorating my studio/room (OHMYGOSHIHAVEASTUDIO!!!!), making silhouettes of my family (easy-peasy, done in a couple of hours) and more.

I've also been having lots of problems (my stepdaughter is telling her mom that my husband and I say her mom doesn't love her because we take her to Disneyland - and her mom doesn't. We did go to D once, but we saved up for it and didn't have Christmas except for that! And we've NEVER told the kids their mom doesn't love them for any reason - in fact, quite the opposite - we remind them that their parents do love them in spite of getting mad at them or whatever) and family worries. Most of it is stuff that my mind ping-pongs about back and forth from thought to idea to conclusion to revision, etc. How can I blog when I never reach an answer about stuff like that? I can't, that's what!

A very nice woman has been convo-ing me (Etsy's messaging system) about my alphabet tutorial. I think I need to get to work and finish that up...

Oh, Lord, grant me the focus to finish the things I have started, to be patient about the thousand other things I don't have time to do in this life and the faith to remember it doesn't matter...


  1. Heather, welcome back to the blogging world we missed you. While I don't know how hard it is to deal with a step child, I do know how it is dealing with a mother-in-law that isn't exactly your fan (and whose son would never say anything his mother says is wrong). Best advice I can give is go about what your day doing what makes you happy and knowing that it's not you who has issues but them.

  2. Nancy - I think of you as my virtual Visiting Teacher!

    It's kinda hard to let the problems go - but that's another one of my 101 goals: don't save people who didn't ask to be saved...


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