Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dahlia Folded Flower Pin

See what happens when you give a girl a circle punch and leave her alone in McDonalds while her son
runs around like a lunatic? SEE? Dahlia flowers!

And then she gives up her exercise time to take fancy, romantic pictures of the pin, making you think she lives among roses and chamber music when, in reality, she has a four-year old boy crying to have her can of Diet Pepsi and yelling "You wascally wabbit!" at the top of his lungs.

I live the goooooood life.


  1. Beautiful work! Great post. I totally understand.

  2. Very nice. I've done the dahlia fold before (and was planning on sharing it this weekend at a shoe box swap with some friends) but you have taken it to the next level. It looks like you layered two dahlia fold medallions together. If so would you share what two size circle punches you used?

  3. Nancy, I don't know the sizes, but I can tell you what the punches looked like... The big circle is the Fiskars one (2"?) and the smaller punch is the yellow one from Michael's - 1 1/2"? Eek.


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