Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fame and Fortune, Here I Come!

I'm in the local paper today! Woo hoo! Fame and fortune HERE I COME!

I admit to harboring a secret fantasy of quitting the library business to be a designer/artist full time. How this would be accomplished, I don't know. Maybe a patron from the library who is so impressed with my kindness will leave me all his money so I can retire...

Does anyone else feel that way? Is it normal to not like working outside of the home? I would also love to be with my kid (that wasn't an afterthought, by the way!). At this time, he's learning things from his aunt and cousins that I wish he weren't...

Perhaps all of my dreams will come true eventually, even if it's not in a way I can imagine.


  1. Some day I will be an illustrator with a little attic studio with a window overlooking a garden. So... Yeah. :)

  2. Maybe I'll come to Hawaii and rot with you... :)


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