Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ever-lasting Spring

This was the sky when we returned from the beach on Saturday...

 We rarely have much of a spring in Bakersfield. It usually goes from bone-cold to skin-peeling hot in the course of about two weeks. This year is different and we have perpetual spring. I can't explain the wonder I feel each time I wake up to clouds outside my window. They are so rare that I simply gape at them. Yesterday, I looked at the upcoming weather report and announced with the same type of glee usually reserved for long-awaited pregnancies or engagements that IT'S GOING TO RAIN THIS WEEKEND.

You might just have to live here to understand.

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  1. We have switched weather. We went from cold weather to stinkin hot in about two weeks. I am so looking forward to going to San Diego this weekend, to finally escape the heat. The sad thing is that this is just the beginning of summer. We didn't have a spring this year.


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