Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Work

Question: How in the WORLD should I name these things? So many titles of art are pretentious. So many titles *I* come up with are pretentious! How about numbers? Dates? 

I don't want to be pretentious. I want to be regular-people like.  And the pictures aren't turning out well. It's CLOUDY outside. Son! Go get your jacket! After all, it's still JUNE in Bakersfield! Weird.


  1. Beautiful! You know, you could always name them after your favorite BOOKS, authors or other literary figures. I mean considering you are a librarian. :) Either that or name them after sections of the Dewey Decimal System. :P

  2. I like the idea of naming them after books , perhaps the actual book you used with abidged or folded added . If you use the same book for different patterns , wouldn't they then be editions?

  3. This one, to me, has a distinct "Metropolis" (the silent movie) feel!

  4. Okay call me crazy but I think it should be named "Venus Flytrap". The two distinct shapes remind me of a mouth opening and closing.


Whatcha thinkin'?