Thursday, July 28, 2011

Experimenting with Patterns

I am looking over different designs I've found, trying to figure out which ones would make good freebies. I'm torn between the idea being simple and yet still being fun. My original 30-step butterfly looked terrible on the first run. So I filled it out a bit. Now it's 70 steps. Hmmm...

What do you think? Maybe I need to make smaller motifs that really are only 30 steps. I think this one looked weird the first time because the taller a motif is, the more pages it needs horizontally to look full enough to hold the shape. Maybe I should just do 1-1 1/2" patterns.

Here's the finished 70-step butterfly:

Plain and unadorned
With colors... What do you think?


  1. Wow the 70 step butterfly is beautiful! 70 steps is not more difficult just requires a bit more time and patience (and lets face it if we are altering a book what does it matter if one design takes 30 or 70 steps to complete all the pages in the book are going to be folded in the end).

  2. Forgot to ask how you added the color(s) to the butterfly. With a marker or a dauber and ink pad?

  3. I used a sharpie! I couldn't find my paintbrush to use bottled ink. Usually I use an ink pad daubed on the edges... (oops - the body of the butterfly is ink padded!)

  4. I wonder if you could make your folded paper patterns smaller and into earrings? That butterfly one is so sweet.

  5. I am truly impressed by your ability to do this. I've been trying (albeit with no success) to do something similar, but find that while I have a concept in my head, execution is truly not happening. Do you have a tutorial or can you suggest one which would lead me to the "basic" steps?


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