Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Be Still My Heart - Pattern!

Hello friends! It's February and time for l♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ve!

Have a heart. As always, I'm still futzing with the patterns, trying to make them easier to construct and read, so this month's pattern looks a tiny bit different with the added circles at the ends of the lines. You'll love it. Remember, hearts, love? If you don't have it already, you may want my basic tutorial to make it easier to fold your books or read the patterns.

Click on the below picture to make it big and print it out for yourself...

I have had several people asking about wedding-related patterns and I will see how quickly I can do stuff like that and list it in my shop.


  1. Super cute! Thanks so much for sharing. You are a great inspiration.

  2. Ohh - this is so beautiful! I would like to do this but I don't know, how to read Your pattern! I was working in a library and we have so many old books to throw away! Does it exist a tutorial (youtube?) how to fold the pages?
    Sincerely, Eveline

  3. Yes, I have the tutorial in my shop. It's called the Basic Folded Books tutorial and teaches you how to read all of my patterns. I even have a tutorial to create your own patterns. :)


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