Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hard-Hearted Hearts

I have burned out my brain trying to create heart patterns for folded books. My hope has been to make a 7" heart for wedding decorations, but I haven't figured out how to make it simple enough for people to make their own. The way I'm doing it now requires eyeballing the marks and folds because you need too many marks too close together to put on a fore edge. Curses. And my prototypes keep having only one perfect side of the heart- NOT BOTH. It's more of a broken heart right now. :(

But I found these great eye-shadows at Rite Aid for $4.99 which are the same colors as my watercolors. I look like I have a skyscape on my eyelids. :)

Watercolors in a box, ready to work on...


  1. Heather,
    I created a color template to solve your Broken heart problem. I made it using Excel and formated the boxes to be very small(row hight 10), then I formated the bottom line to a specific color (total 11 lines) then I copied and pasted that design three times down and then mirror image three more times.

    When working the pattern I go from color to color. ie. yellow to yellow, blue to blue,etc.

    Then following your heart pattern i mimic the shape just using the colors and it kind a work. I will send you the file if you want, maybe you can perfect it and repost it.

    1. Maria - I looked on your Blogger profile and didn't see an email address - mine is princessheah at yahoo! I've never thought about Excel and now I'm feeling like a doofus. HELP!

    2. I just sent you an email. Let me know what you think.


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