Sunday, April 1, 2012

Egg O' My Heart

Don't go into shock, but here is April's pattern!

With Easter only a week away, you need this pattern now. It's a very simple pattern and what makes it special is that you can decorate the eggs just the way you want to for your home. I used simple inks to paint the colors on the edges of the pages. You can use stamp/ink pads, stickers, glitter or embellishments to decorate your eggs. Make them (wait for it) EGGS-actly how you want them...

Thank you. Thank you verra much.

Just click on the picture below and print it out fer yerself.


  1. You do so beautiful books. I wish I hat the concentration to make them.

  2. You're going to laugh, but at first I thought the pattern was for "me" because of the first line of the post...Love you!!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! I will do one for you if you just ask... :)

  4. I love any folded books you give me, love love love them!! May I have one?


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