Sunday, May 13, 2012

You Might Think...

I've been kidnapped by aliens, but I have not totally disappeared!

It started with my mom-in-law passing away. A few days after the funeral, we got a call from my dad-in-law: "You want your mom's library? Come get it or it's going to the dump." So... we dropped everything and went to his house to rescue her HUGE library. Much of it was absolute junk (medical books from the 70's), but there were true treasures in there, too. Unfortunately, to find the treasures we had to bring it all home. There wasn't time to go through it at the house.

Envision, if you will, a living room full of piles of books. Imagine a hallway with books stacked in teetering piles all along one wall. Then image a father-in-law calling every other day to demand your attention to more stuff he was going through. The kitchen. The living room. The bedroom closets.

My house was stuffed. I had piles of dishes and storage containers in the kitchen. I had boxes of t-shirts from a hundred different events and vacations. I had memorabilia. I had art supplies. I had crap everywhere.

Insert in here a tough situation at work.

Add a pregnancy hope in there. One blood test later, change that to disappointment.

Then it rained. Our roof had an unknown leak and our ceiling in the living room fell down over a bookcase. I nearly went insane.

The books are gone from the hallway now. The ceiling is repaired. The kitchen floor is cleared (the counters are still kinda full). The clothes and memorabilia have been appropriately appropriated (garbage can). I'm not sure when I'll forgive my father-in-law for this mess of a last month, but that might happen when he finally divvies up the jewelry... :)