Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weddings, Wine and I don't have another W word

 The one on the top was folded with this really funny book called The Book of Answers. It had one line of text on the right-facing page. You were supposed to ask a question and then open the book up to "The Answer." Kinda like a literary Magic 8 Ball. Anyway, I really like the white on white... I've wondered for a while now what it would be like to bind my own books with lovely white paper (no text) and then fold those. They definitely wouldn't have the same feel as my Reader's Digest versions. Hmmm...

This batch of books is for a wedding. The bride and groom each have their own letter and then there is a heart book to put between them. The wedding colors are green and brown (and the hearts get to be red because they are about lurve). I've been consumed with these two projects for the last several weeks. Fortunately, they will all be able to be used for my other project - a tutorial on folding fancy fonts and shapes.


  1. How many did you have to make for the wedding?

  2. @Maria - just these three. They were for the guest book table, I think.

  3. Great job sis! As always I am amazed that we come from the same tree, limb, branch,twig. You get me drift?

  4. update:
    the bride and groom just received them and they are......THRILLED!!!
    thank you SO much.
    Barb (MOTG)

  5. Spectacular!! I can hardly wait for your new tutorial book!! :)

  6. Hi just got your basic tutorial on book folding art (love it had to go to the op shop to stock up on books lol ) and am really interested to get the fancy letters tutorials. Do you know when it will be out.

    1. Renee,

      I am working on a tutorial that I was half-way through with (lower-case letters) and THEN I'm going to work on the fancy fonts tutorial. Keep your fingers crossed I don't lose steam.


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