Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jack o' Lantern Cards

A couple of weeks ago, I found a link to a blog where the woman had made pumpkin cards out of leaves.I cannot find that blog now. I thought I'd seen it on One Pretty Thing. Nope. Pinterest? Nope. Google? I tried: "pumpkin cards", "pumpkin leaf cards", "jack o' lantern cards", "halloween pumpkin cards", and I CANNOT FIND IT. (The woman who runs the blog is a freelance TV producer. She has two kids. Help me find it!!!!)

Anyway, I made some, too. Here they are. When I find the blog, I will post HER link so I can give her credit. She is the smarty-one. Not me.




    is this it?

    Not sure if this is the same woman but it looked about right

    Amy Allison

  2. I took a peek and it's definitely not the same person. Still, the fact that she just listed these means she probably saw the same post I did. Unless everyone is spontaneously coming up with the same ideas!


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