Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Book Page Paintings

I've been using my old book again to make more bookshelf paintings. These are based on that stack of 200+ pictures I took at the library one day. I'm trying to work on my color composition - if you choose ONE color that you ADD to every other color, it ties them together a bit. As long as the primary color isn't too showy. 

This one turned out best colorwise. It looks like I limited the palette, too. I don't do that very often or well. :)

  Ta da! Another house painting! This one was in my stack of things to do. I drew it a long time ago and am only now getting around to painting it. The chimney looks like a devil's horn.

And here is the work in progress desk. That picture on the front of the books turned out great...


Whatcha thinkin'?